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Mission Statement: Mendez High Football works to maximize the academic, athletic, and social potential of student-athletes.  The Mendez football athlete will focus on time management, discipline, and study skills, Strength, speed, and agility training is the core to reach athletic achievement. The graduated Mendez football athlete will be a contributor to society.
Vision: Mendez High Football works to spread the joy of Boyle Heights around the world.
Pertinent information for new incoming 9th graders hoping to play football:
No cut policy for incoming freshmen.
No experience necessary.
Must follow team expected behavior rules to remain on team.
Training begins one week after middle school graduation (must obtain physical exam approval)
Parents may click on "STAFF" on this page to begin communication with coach via e-mail.

JV football goals and focus
Acclimation to high school focused on successful study skills, habits, and time management
Positive character development
Promote physical and mental health actions
Improve coordination, speed, strength, and agility
Learn the fundamentals of the sport including safety, strategy, and positions
Prepare to eventually compete at the varsity level