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Arts & Enrichment

The Geffen Playhouse is a non-profit, professional theater that works in collaboration with UCLA Center X to engage all 10th grade students in an intensive, year-long theatre arts and literacy experience. Students attend a full season of plays at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood, participate in theatre-based activities in which they explore and communicate their ideas, and receive instruction and coaching in reading and writing from UCLA Center X Coaches. The goal is to empower students to generate, organize, refine, and communicate their ideas and knowledge as writers, speakers, and as creative, critical thinkers.
Casa 0101 is located in the Boyle Heights Artist District. CASA 0101 Theater is dedicated to providing vital arts, cultural, and educational programs, thereby nurturing the future storytellers of Los Angeles who will someday transform the world. Our open door policy is an entryway for many into the performing arts.
Las Fotos Project's mission is to elevate the voices of teenage girls from communities of color.  Through the lens of photography, students capture moments that inspire them and others to critically examine the world around them and to become agents of change; channeling their creativity for the benefit of themselves, their community, and future careers.
826LA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.
Self-Help Graphics is dedicated to the production, interpretation and distribution of prints and other art media by Chicana/o and Latinx artists.  Our multidisciplinary, intergenerational programs promote artistic excellence and empower our community by providing access to space, tools, training, capital and beyond.
Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory advocates for the development of a new framework toward diversity in the creative arts, media, and technology fields—one that is socially and economically inclusive, and accurately reflects the City of Los Angeles in terms of ethnicity, gender, and age. The most effect way to do this, we understand, is by dismantling the many barriers to equal opportunities in the arts and creative industries, so that they, as well as those interested in pursuing such careers therein, can truly grow and thrive. 
Boyle Heights Beat is a bilingual community news project produced by youth, offering "noticias por y para la comunidad," or "news by and for the community."
YMCA is committed to providing programs and services that are inclusive and welcoming to all. We value an environment that fosters dignity, respect, fairness and appreciation for all aspects and dimensions of diversity.